Tokyo style

Woa! That’s what came to my mind the first time I saw Tokyo. Narita Airport, where I arrived, is Airport located at the Chiba prefecture, that is around 40 min away from Tokyo. While I was in my way to Tokyo Station where I was suppose to meet my co-workers from Hitachi, I saw the industrial part of Tokyo, which is located next to the atlantic sea. It was an amazing welcome from Japan, the sunset made the sky look so clear and kind of reddish. 

Then after 45 min I finally arrived to Tokyo station, there I had to wait like and hour for my co-workers, thus I decided to make a little round in the station. My first impressions in the station were 1) Tokyo station seems to be a very energetic place with a lot of young people 2) Everybody seems to be in a rush, I taught that time in Tokyo must pass very quick just like in Mexico City.

At 8:00pm I met my HRI co-workers, Shikano san and Sumi san. They took to my apartment (which i will write about in another post) and later we when to have dinner at a restaurant in the Akihabara area. Shikano San is a 32 years old Japanese, Shikano’s passions seems to be latina girls and automobiles. He seems to love his car very much. Also Shikano has a deep passion in photography, he actually has amazing pictures in his cellphone. On the other hand, Sumi San is a 27 years old girl from Japan. She studied Spanish as a major in Japan (although she waited to the last moment of our day to tell that she speaks spanish). Also Sumi has a perfect english because she was working at Hitachi in New Jersey. 

The restaurant at Akihabara was a traditional dinner in Japan. The Japanese restaurant use to serve a lot of type of dishes but in a small portions, so you can eat a lot of type of food in a same meal. Of course you can have beer but also you can drink the traditional chochu, which is a type of whiskey.  

Finally, I went back to my place. While walking back to my place, I walk a very particular area of Akihabara, in where you can find electronic shops and manga shops. The area is full of light, music, extravagance outfits and costumes. So far that was my first night at Tokyo.ImageImageImage


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