Nipon working machine.

My office is in the 21st floor in the UDX building in Akihabara.
In the office we are around 57 persons, I will say that the average of ages in the office could easly be 34 or 35 years old (it is a very young office)
The work is divided in several business units, each of ones,with topics that range from economical analysis to live and living research. Im part of the
Technology Research group.


My analysis is focusing in the analysis fo the global dynamics of competitiveness and how these affects industrial sectors such as manufacturing. So far my
research has been focused in issues related to American competitiveness and I am eager to extend that to a deep analysis on the Mexican competitiveness.

Also, I was exicted when I realized that the main philosophy of Hitachi is to build products to create smart cities. Of course, I know that many of my
experience here will be appropiate for my thesis topic, which is related to smart cities that can promote innovative societies.

In other aspects, people in the office offered me a very kindly welcome. I had a entire round of meetings with all the business groups, in which I had the opportunity of
knowing everyone’s projects and more importantly I could know a little bit more about their personal interest and passions. Just as I expected, Japanese
pleople are amazing host and very professional in their day a day treatment.

I am really loving the opportunity of learning this great culture through its people. I have always believe that if you want to learn how other societies think
you have to have great conversations with them. So far my main objective is to get to know as many Japanese persons during this intership, share great and
deep conversations and have really good meals.


Sometimes while working in a think thank, I remember me my time in Promexico. Moreover, through me colleagues here, sometimes I remember La UIN (Unidad de Inteligencia
de Negocios). Thanks to this experience I have recoignaize many areas of improvement that the UIN could implement but more importantly I have also identified
many streghtens that the UIN has and that I will love to teach to my co-workers here.


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