Japaneses friends

I have always believed that Japan is a beautiful nation, because of its ancenstral culture, its delicious food, and its great sense of community. However, I think that my high afinity with the Japanese culture is a result of the great friendships I have made with Japanese people. Im very glad that this trip to Japan offered me the opportunity to meet with my dear Japanese friends.

Yukiho Nonaka was my first Japanese friend. We meet each other almost 10 years ago, while she was studying Spanish and she working as a volunteer in Mexico. By the time I met Yukiho, she was a kindergarden teacher in the mornings and all nigth-party DJ. Nowadays Yukiho works in the aromatherapy business, eventhough, she is still worring about social issues (she gives aromatherapy to senior people) and still party like a rock star! 😀 I’m glad I could meet her again and I looking forward to meeting her husband and family in the next weeks.  


We went to Kanda area to have dinner and of course to have some drinks. I loved the restaurant because it was very traditional.


I met my friend Jo in Fletcher. Jo is a master student in International Business at Fletcher. Currently he is doing a double internship in Japan, one in a healthcare company and he will start his other internship at July in a financial company. BTW, Jo is a great fan of Fletcher’s Professor Jaques! We went to have dinner also in the area of Kanda, there I finally had the opportunity of knowing his girlfriend Marika. I’m sure that Jo and I are going to do many different plans in Tokyo during our internships.


Naomi is a 2011 fletcher alumni. She is a very good friend of Alejandra and now a very good friend of mine. Naomi speaks English and Spanish perfectly, which its a great relief from my difficult mission of understanding Japanese. Naomi knows Mexico very well, she has been in Mexico city, Guanajuato and i think the Riviera Maya. She understands what is to eat a real taco and how exciting is to visit the Zocalo in sunny Sunday. She works for a well-known technology company in Japan, which by the way is a very important competitor of Hitachi :S Lol. Naomi invited me to visit Kamakura with her and two friends (Kanako and Weny).Image


We went to a several temples, to have a delicious dinner, to the beach, to have some drinks and finally to a very nice Korean restaurant. I really had a magnificent time with Naomi and her friends and I hope we can have more opportunities to hang out and to practice my Japanese.


I meet my friend Yumiko last year at Fletcher. We were classmates in Econometrics and we also were group partners in this course. Yumiko also can speaks perfectly English and Spanish. I was so happy, when Yumiko told me she studied in Cuernavaca. When I arrived to Boston I never imagine to know someone in Boston that knows Cuernavaca. Yumiko just finished her master program at Fletcher last may. Now she is looking for a job, although she already had several offers, she is still waiting to take the right choice.


We went to visit Shibuya district, where we had dinner, we walked and we visited a temple. I loved to catch-up with Yumiko.. Although, we spend almost a semester working together, we never had the opportunity to talking a lot. This time was the perfect occasion. Yumiko’s birthday is coming the next week so I believe we will have the opportunity to meet us again.

Finally last Friday i meet Yamano-San, Daisuke-San and Rachel-San. Yamano-San is a Fletcher 1994 alumni, he works for the international division at Hitachi and he kindly organized a dinner with Daisuke-San (Fletcher 2011) and Rachel-San (Fletcher 2011). Daisuke and Rachel met each other back in Fletcher. He works at a Japanese law firm and Rachel works in the Mexican consulate. Image

We had a great dinner in a Spanish restaurant. The night was perfect because the music, the food but more importantly because of the amazing fletcher stories that we share during the dinner. So far I have met some of my Japanese friends but still there are some of them missing I hope I can meet them soon.


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