The beginning of my journey.

So… my  journey to Japan began in a very particular way. I wake up at 4:00 o clock in the morning took a quick shower, then I started to storage the last stuff that was missing (Mainly our mattresses, towels and a carpet). As some of you already knew, I had to storage all our furniture, cloth and belongings in the basement of our apartment. After struggling for 30 min with the mattress, our taxi just arrived to our place. Ale and me started to put the bags in the taxi (4 luggages in total). Before taking the last luggage, I remembered that the cellphone was plugged in our room, thus i went to the room I took the cellphone, walked out the house and locked the door. Then 1 second after I remember that my little luggage was still at our place!!!! We knocked the door of our neighbors walked through the basement and found all the doors lock. Oh my good this is great I going to Japan with the half of my cloth 😦 Funny thing is that all my summer cloth is on that baggage!

I called my roommate Natalya, Angela my landlord everyone in Medford. There was nothing we can do! I just decided to leaved like that I left my luggage behind. By the way Ale  took the taxi before me, I had to call another cab. thank good I arrive on time to my flight. Alejandra is on her way to Mexico and I have 12 hours remaining before arriving to Narita.

I hope this incident doesn’t reflect some kind of premonition about my time in Japan.


Storage 2

Goodbye 21 Orchard

Avion Japon