Just as I mentioned before Tokyo is a amazing city because of many facts. Cuisine, temples, technology are mixed in a very well planned urban area. However, I consider that in top of all these factors, there one thing that defines how extraordinary is Tokyo and that is its people.

I remember I read from George Friedman last summer, that societies, just the same way as human beings, have their own behaviors. These behaviors are shaped by several factors such as: aging of the population, history of the societies, current events, economical factors, etc. Moreover, Friedman states that the United States is still a very young society, you can say a teenager. Just the same way a as teenager can be kind of adventurous, vital, paranoid, and a little bit maniac, the US society is also shaped by these behaviors.

On the other side, I find the Japanese society, that seems to be an ancient society. Ancient societies should be related to ancient qualities. For example Wisdom, patience, serenity, with a little degree of skepticism. Personally I think I find some of those behaviors in Japanese society. For example: I appreciate the quality of being patient and moderate embedded in the behavior of the Japanese culture.

There are a lot of examples of this: from the size of portions in their meals to the planning of all the transportation system, which is perfect. Also their water and electricity systems are designed to be very efficient. Additionally Japanese society seems to be very aware of ways for live in sustainable ways. As a conclusion patience and moderation are the qualities that impress me the most about Japanese.

So, I this theory is right, there are some questions in my mind and one conclusion that come to my mind. First, the questions: Is the mexican society a child society? If so, which behaviors, as mexicans we have? How being a child society, defines how our society behaves? Second, the conclusion is that I wish that some behaviors of the Japanese society could be learned by the American society and the mexican society. At the same time, there are some behaviors from the american society and the mexican society that I wish I could find in the Japanese society. Im a way I will be happy to have more Japan in the world, but also more world in Japan. (Wait a minute this sounds familiar to me.. hahah)

The confidence of the American society is remarkable, its entrepreneur mentality, allows them to become with the best innovations, that later are used by all the globe. Mexican culture by its side, believes in the family as the elemental organization of society, mexican society will look for the way to solve its owns problems with the resources available, even it these resource are limited. You can identified a mexican miles away, because in general he will be try to start a conversation with the person standing aside. Doesn’t matter if the conversation is so irrelevant, such as the conversation about the weather.

I dont know is this perception is correct or if it is just a cliche… anyway i still believe that a person is victim of his circumstances. In this sense Im glad to have multicultural circumstances, I believe that this will be enhance my capacity of understand other ways of thinking and will allowe me to increase my framework of personal abilities to be more critic. Isn’t that what is Fletcher all about?

After these thoughts some pics that is the attractive part of my blog jajajaja.



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